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Helpful Websites

Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services   www.cms.gov          
American Psychological Association  www.apa.org       

Georgia Health Care Association     www.ghca.info      
Age in Place www.ageinplace.org
National Association of Social Workers www.socialworkers.org      WebMD  www.webmd.com
Information & Referral Search Database   http://www.211.org         
National Association of Boards   http://www.nabweb.org/
Elder Law Attorneys  www.lawyers.com  

Helpful Stress Management Tips

    What is Stress?  Everybody experiences stress.  It is the body's natural reaction to tension, pressure, and change.  A certain amount of stress helps to make life more challenging and less boring.  Too much stress can be bad for you--both physically and mentally.  Prolonged, unrelieved stress can lead to accidental injury, as well as to serious illness.  For the sake of your health, safety and happiness Alissa and Jennifer would like for you to recognize and manage your stress.  Please see some of our favorite ways to manage stress below.  

   1. Think positively.
   2. Ask for help.           
   3. Accept that you can't control every situation.
   4. Be flexible.
   5. Schedule relaxation and vacation.            
   6. Get plenty of sleep each night.
   7. Use mistakes as opportunities to learn.
   8. Laugh a lot.
   9. Exercise.
  10. Eat a well balanced diet.

Upcoming Training's and Workshops

Ethical Considerations In Behavioral Health*
6.0 Continuing Education Clock Hours (Core or Related) 2017 dates 3/23(no openings), 4/13(no openings) & 4/27.  Cost $125 per participant. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the ethical considerations involving various populations. Participants will be educated on the history of ethics and ethical approaches to problem solving. Participants will gain knowledge of current ethical issues related to older adults and will be given resources to assist with resolving ethical concerns. Reserve your space in our upcoming training by clicking on the link below or by calling us at 770-676-6741. Call us now and ask how you can receive $10 off your paid registration fee. NASW approval #886543634-1869. LPCA approval #6945-17M.

Eventbrite - Ethical Considerations In Behavioral Health: 6 CEU Credits

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